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Our History

The Newton Story Prologue

The forward of a June 1950 'Threadline' publication, written by our founder Warren Newton.

Founded in 1916, O. A. Newton and Son Company began as a feed and chick business. 

As those businesses grew, so did our expertise and what we had to offer the farming community.  From supplying chemicals for fields, to being an International Harvester Farm Machinery dealer, to appliances and manufacture homes the company has evolved to meet the needs of the community.

Today, O.A. Newton is no longer in the feed and chick business, but what we do today harkens back to our agricultural roots.

Our Irrigation Solutions Group is the leading supplier of irrigation equipment for the Mid-Atlantic region.  We offer a full range of irrigation solutions from Rivulus Drip Tape for nurseries and green houses to Kifco Water Wheels which work well for sports fields, arenas, and nurseries, to the large Valley Center Pivot and Linear systems that can provide water and nutrients to many acres of crops.  We provide service and parts for every solution we provide.  Our Parts Room carries a complete line of PVC Pipe and Fittings for farm, home or industrial use.

The Material Controls Systems Group provides a wide range of Material Handling Solutions for dry powders and pellets.  From mechanical conveying using the patented screw conveyor design for carbon black in the tire industry, to pneumatic conveying PVC powders through pipe or siding manufacturing plants, or a mix of both type of conveying commonly used to manufacture composite boards for decking, we are proud to have our equipment installed in plants around the world.

Today, as we are competing in a global marketplace, we simply call ourselves, O. A. Newton.  Our history has a rich background because of the strong entrepreneurial spirit of our founders.  Our future is in the hands of our knowledgeable, experienced and caring employees who make up our company.

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