Valley is the Leader in Precision Irrigation.  From their beginning with the first over the field, movable irrigation system over 75 years ago, Valley has lead the industry in inovation and tchnology.

Valley Center Pivots, Corners & Linears:

  • Chosen 2-to-1 over competitor brands - 50% of center pivots in use today are Valley pivots
  • Powered by the strongest gearbox - the only irrigation gearbox Made in the USA
  • Provide the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Demand a higher resale value than competetive machines
  • Backed by the most knowledgeable dealers in the industry

Valley offers not only the best machine but also the most innovative technology.

Valley Irrigation Technology:

  • Valley has the most extensive dealer network and the most responsive, factory-trained technicians
  • Offers the most advanced control and monitoring tools for irrigation equipment
  • Designed for a variety of mobile devices
  • Includes BaseStation3, an industry exclusive that provides unprecedented farm control - anytime, anywhere

Valley Irrigation Dealers:

  • Undergo extensive product training
  • Provide fast, reliable service
  • Know irrigation and local agriculture practices

Look through our product gallery below to see everything O.A. Newton and Valley have to offer...

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