Ag Sense

Ag Sense

The Ag-Sense System allows you to remotely control and monitor your pivot irrigation systems from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a web browser, or have the app (Apple or Android) installed on your moble gadget.



AgSense utilizes digital cell technology to connect you to your field from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Data traffic communicates to and from the AgSense servers via our private VPN Tunnel, which ensures reliable and fast connection times without getting bogged down competing with other 'third party' network traffic.

The AgSense modems are replaceable, and there are multiple options that ensure connectivity virtually anywhere in the world there is digital cellular data service.

AgSense software is written to ensure efficient processing of the data packets, even in areas with very low cell service strength. No need to worry about the ability to connect in remote areas. If you can get a text out from your handheld phone, AgSense can connect you to that field remotely via WagNet.


AgSense transforms your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a virtual control panel.

Start, stop, program speed and end gun, stop in slot, stop at time, and many more - all at your fingertips from anywhere you have an internet connection!

Don't let your irrigation systems running all spring and summer keep YOU running all spring and summer! Let AgSense bring the control panel to you, rather than the other way around.


See All Devices On One Login Page

  • Easily customizable
  • Set up and organize Groups
  • Start and stop all systems in each group with one button
  • Color-coded graphics for quick at-a-glance analysis of current status
  • Quickly check all irrigation systems from the recliner, beach, or baseball game 

Realtime Geographic Data with 'Map View'

  • Monitor and manage all devices through the Map View tool found in WagNet.
  • Users can start and stop Groups or specific pivots directly from this dashboard.
  • Choose Map View to get a sense of location or switch to List View to see groups and the individual devices in more detail. WagNet pulls from Google Maps to provide an accurate geographic reading.


Real-time and instant text alerting is one of the most important elements of remote irrigation management. Small issues such as a stuck pivot or pump shutdown become big, expensive fiascos if not detected quickly.

Up to ten separate email addresses or cell phones per WagNet® login can be set up to receive the alerts. Each user can customize which types of messages to receive from each device.

Sleep well, enjoy your kids' baseball game, or relax on the patio knowing all is well, and we'll let you know otherwise.


Harvesting Information
WagNet tells you not only where you are and where you are going, but also powerful reporting tells you where you have been. Comprehensive and customizable historical reports are available under the Reports tab on your device.

Putting Information to Work
Your pivot's Acre's Watered, Hours Pumped, Gallons Pumped, Average PSI, and other inputs are tracked and recorded into the WagNet database. This information can be sorted By Angle, By Month, By Day, or by other criteria into charts and graphs which can either be printed or downloaded as an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Agronomic Software
These reports are available in aggregate form, showing your whole farm on one report. Your data can be exported into various third party agronomic software programs to be merged and analyzed with other information from the same field. Better information equals better decisions.


AgSense provides comprehensive historical charts and reporting to help you know what you've applied as opposed to what you think you've applied.

AgSense enables growers to:

  • Analyze irrigation efficiency
  • View crop performance versus water applied
  • Add irrigation 'data layer' to other data inputs to analyze collectively
  • Easily identify problem spots in the field. For example, get a better idea of how application rates can be affected by things such as wheel slippage when traveling uphill.
  • Compare programmed irrigation rates to actual rates

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