Anti-Theft Solutions

Anti-Theft Solutions

Safeguard Your Investment

Copper theft is, unforunately, a crime owners of irrigation equipment are dealing with. Valley offers a full line of products aimed to deter the theft of copper cable and protect your investment. The products range from those that make removing the cable extremely difficult to a system that can alert you when a theft may be occurring. Working together with your Valley dealer, you can mix and match products to design a custom solution that fits your budget and provides theft deterrence. 

Cable Armor

Provides span cable protection with options that allow you to protect all the copper cable on your machine. With Cable Armor you deter theft by making it extremely difficult to remove the cable. When Cable Armor is properly installed you have the maximum defense against cable removal.

GSM CableGuard Monitor

This is a voice and text message (SMS) dialing system used to monitor the cutting of span cable, machine power, and safety circuit status. The phone utilizes a SIM card to store phone numbers or to set customized operating parameters. 

The intelligent monitor can record up to four different messages and is capable of sending them to up to 10 different phone numbers. Each alarm input is equipped to enable a pre-recorded voice message, a text message (SMS), or both if the alarm is triggered. Additional control outputs can be utilized to engage a strobe light, siren, etc. 

Proof Positive Span Cable

Proof Positive Span Cable from Southwire is a traceable, theft deterrent span cable that provides proof of cable ownership. The cable is manufactured with unique TraceID codes printed on a tape inside the jacket. Upon sale, ownership data is entered in an online database accessible to recyclers and law enforcement. Brightly colored outer markings on the cable jacket alert recyclers that this a traceable cable. Recyclers can enter TradeID codes into a database to confirm ownership of suspected stolen cable. Appropriate action can then be taken by law enforcement. 

Stainless Steel Banding

The Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Banding can be used in place of the conventional means of securing the cable and can be spaced at the discretion of the producer allowing for it to be customized. With the labor required to remove the banding from the span cable, this product can be thought of as "too laborious" for theft.

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