Control Panels

Control Panels


The TouchPro control panel gives you powerful, yet user-friendly control of your center pivots. This panel's full-color main screen can be customized to show only the control features and management information important to your operation. This product utilizes touch technology.


The technologically advanced Pro2 control panel gives you a simple set of tools for the highest level of control and monitoring, both in the field and remotely. The panel also features the patent-pending, Valley exclusive Cruise Control, which allows you to precisely manage chemigation and fertigation. This software automatically adjusts the speed of your pivot to prevent over or under application of chemicals. 


The Select2 control panel offers you a combination of easy-to-read digital displays and push-button controls. It incorporates the same field-proven processor technology as the Pro2.

AutoPilot Linear

The AutoPilot Linear control panel measures the position and travel direction of your linear machine, allowing you to program it to run automatically. 


The ClassicPlus control panel offers easy-to-operate switches for manual operation. This is a non-computerized control panel for the grower who likes to keep it simple.


The Classic control panel offers the lowest initial investment and provides push button, manual operation. It is a non-computerized control panel designed for center pivots only.

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