GPS Solutions

GPS Solutions

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allow us to get driving directions, keep track of our children and pets, and even figure out the best fishing spots. But one of the most important and profitable ways GPS has changed the world is through its impact on farming.

From tractors and combines to irrigation equipment, growers like you are using GPS to make your job easier and to make the most of your biggest asset: your land. We offer two GPS products to enhance your farm operation: GPS Position for center pivots and linears, and GPS Guidance for corners and linears.

The basic idea behind global positioning is triangulation, using a group of satellites to act as reference points in space. Calculations based on the known distance of the satellites above the earth and the time it takes for the signal to reach a receiver on or near the surface of the earth allow the system to accurately record the receiver’s location. 

GPS Positioning

Since GPS is already being used in nearly every new implement on the farm, it just makes sense to incorporate it into your irrigation operation! Valley GPS Position uses Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) to accurately pinpoint the position of your center pivot or linear. The GPS calculations are performed inside your GPS Ready control panel, so you do not need to waste precious hours connecting to and working from another computer, allowing you to be more efficient with your time.

GPS Guidance

Forget about the hassle of buried wire and furrow guidance for your corner and linear irrigation equipment. Patented Valley® GPS Guidance uses the latest in satellite-based RTK to accurately steer your machines around the field for the most precise application of water and other crop inputs. Not only will you sleep well at night knowing that your machine is moving along the path you programmed, but GPS Guidance also allows you to install corner and linear irrigation equipment where it used to be difficult or too expensive to do so. All this gives you an opportunity to increase the number of acres available for production and your profitability.

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