Precision Corner

Precision Corner

The Precision Corner earned its name because of the precise way it applies water, chemicals and fertilizers to your fields.

  • Comes standard with electronic sprinkler sequencing for industry-leading water uniformity
  • Electronic controls and diagnostics minimize service calls and allow you to perform an at-a-glance check to ensure proper sprinkler operation
  • Chemigate mode allows uniform application of crop-protection chemicals and fertilizers using a fixed-rate injection pump
  • Ball-and-socket joint eliminates maintenance
  • Constant-move variable frequency drive motors provide smooth operation and minimal stress on your structure
  • Available in 267' and 287' lengths
  • Able to operate in a "leading" or "tailing" mode to best fit the field
  • Available on the 8000 series

Water Utilization Package

When you have a water utilization package, additional solenoids control 22 more spinklers for maximum water application uniformity in select corner areaa. This package delivers the required water to maximize crop yields for the entire field.

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