Sprinkler Packages

Sprinkler Packages

Correct water application design for your field is crucial to your machine's performance. You can depend on your Valley dealer to ensure you get the proper sprinkler package based on climate, soil type, crops and topography. 

Nelson Irrigation

Nelson offers a full line of water application products designed for your specific field conditions and crops that result in higher yields and quality at harvest. Innovation in irrigation by Nelson created Rotator technology on drops and Big Gun sprinklers.

Updated Sprinkler Package

  • The most important investment you can make
  • Exclusive VChart software can design sprinkler packages for all brands of irrigation equipment
  • Valley dealers are highly trained experts in water application and conservation
  • New, low-pressure sprinkler technology provides efficiency and uniformity, and may reduce energy costs
  • Droplet sizes designed for minimum wind drift
  • New pressure regulators ensure proper flow from each nozzle

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