7000 Series Center Pivot

7000 Series Center Pivot


Everyone is worried about their budget – that’s a given! The good news is we offer the Valley 7000 series center pivot that is both easy on your pocketbook and perfect for your field. Our 7000 series pivot is second only to the industry-leading 8000 series for reliability, durability, and overall performance.


7000 series Specifications


  • 6 5/8" or 8 5/8" pivot point options
  • 6" or 6 5/8" pipe diameter options
  • 2 or 5 HP booster pump
  • Maximum machine length of 2000'
  • Span lengths of 115' to 205'


Structure Options for Different Crop Heights


Standard Profile Drive Units


  • Clearance 9'4" to 10'


Low-Profile Drive Units


  • When standard clearances are not required
  • Low-Profile clearance: 6'2" to 6'5"


High-Profile Drive Units


  • Provide increased crop clearance
  • High-Profile clearance: 13' to 13'3"


Single Span Spinner Drive


The Valley Single Span Spinner Drive is designed for growers with small fields or limited access to electricity. This single span pivot is driven by water pressure and offers all of the structural and mechanical advantages of any Valley center pivot.


Single Span Engine Drive


The Valley Single Span Engine Drive is ideal for irrigating small fields, up to 6 acres, where electric power is not readily available. All sprinkler packages are available to deliver efficient water application with low water pressure, providing significant energy, labor and water savings.

Unsure of which Pivot is a match for you?  Check out Valley's Pivot Brochure, or zero in on the Pivot Specification Comparison Chart here.


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