Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valley is ideal for fields with multiple soil types and varying topography. With a combination of hardware and software, Valley VRI allows you to adjust the water application depth to optimize every acre and maximize yield potential. Because Valley understands all fields are different, we offer two VRI options: Speed Control and Zone control.

VRI Speed Control

  • Divides your field into a maximum of 180 sectors
  • A customized, uploaded VRI prescription speeds up or slows down your center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector
  • Available with the Valley Pro2, Select2

VRI QuickStart Prescription

The Valley VRI agronomy team can help take the learning curve out of the equation with a QuickStart prescription specifically for your field. Talk to your local Valley dealer about VRI QuickStart for Speed Control. 

VRI Zone Control

  • Your field can be divided into more than 5,000 zones
  • A customized, uploaded VRI prescription pulses sprinkler control valves along the center pivot zones to achieve desired application depth in each zone
  • Can control on/off for areas that don't need to be irrigated such as canals, ditches and wet areas


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