VFlex Corner

VFlex Corner

The VFlex Corner was designed for those of you who want options! This corner machine is completely customizable and was developed by utilizing input from growers like you. Unlike any other corner on the market, the VFlex can be built to fit the requirements of your field.

  • 6" 8000 span means durable structure with less weight on the drive unit for reduced steering loads
  • Completely redesigned track-and-roller joint with larger rollers and new wear plates for improved durability
  • Wide "T-bar" mounted cradle for stability in high winds
  • New steerable drive unit design with dual tower supports for industry-leading strength and durability
  • More choices than any other corner on the market means you can customize it to meet your needs
  • Available on 7000 and 8000 series

Electronic Sequencing

The area-based algorithm used in electronic sequencing gives you the best uniformity in the industry. It is standard on the Precision Corner and an option on the Vlex Corner. The VFlex Corner also provides override options to further customize sequencing to specific field conditions. 

Mechanical Sequencing

Mechanical sequencing provides excellent water uniformity through a simple cam-and-micro switch system that activates and deactivates sprinklers based on the corner's angle. 

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